Der Jungdeutche  17 Nov.


This "Quartetto di Roma" is one of the best we ever heard here in Berlin (what marvelous instruments these artists have!!!)  The "Slave Quartet" by Glazunoff played by these excellent musicians was a pure, a real enjoyment......The magnificent Quartetto in La minore by Schuman has been presented, by our italian guests, with refinement and sensibility  really worth admiration and with true romantic german spirit....Alberto Gasco and Werner Janssen could not have for their works a better interpreter than this excellent Quartet.


Karl Gustav Grabe     


"Tempo"  24 Oct.


The " Quartetto di Roma" performs with an authentic, romantic sentiment for the "bel suono". What harmony among these marvelous instruments !!

In the  gypsyish  "Slave Quartet" by Glazunoff,  the Quartetto seems to become an Orchestra as for the lightening of colors as for the increasing and decreasing of modulations........

The new compositions of the program were performed with such a mastery that, strange enough  and because of this, we  have forgotten, the name.    

 "Die Weltstadt" 2 Nov.


Let us mention, in advance, an external peculiarity;  the Bechstein Hall is almost hidden by darkness having only one spot light on the platform that renders an authentic atmosphere  to enjoy Chamber  Music and to be able to concentrate in it without being  distracted.

Enjoyment then becomes perfect when you have the venture to meet such a magnificent ensemble as this "Quartetto di Roma", that surprises even us  so much accustomed to listening to first-class musical ensembles.


What do we have to mention as a first? The beauty of their sounds, their perfect harmony or the magnificent violoncellist?     



 Täglische Rundschau  Nov 1


 The "Quartetto di Roma" , for the first time In Berlin, achieved a strong  impact on the audience. Its characteristics and its force lay on rhythm and on the plentifulness of very delicate sonorous shades.

The way the program was set up,  projected very well these qualities.

The Quartet in la minore by Schumann was in good hands and it was performed with such marvelous sonorities and so much devotion that it was a real pleasure to listen to.



 "Börsen Courier"     Nov. 3


Again new surprises: at the Bechstein Hall for the first time we heard the "Quartetto di Roma".

One is enraptured  by the force and the fullness and by the afresh enthusiasm and by the rhythmic perfection of their performance.

After the disappearance of the "Amar" there is no more in Germany an ensemble that may play  Schumann with such serene musicality, so naturally and without abstrusenesses and sweetish trifles.

These Italians have marvelous instruments. Sonority is beautiful, very full and never sluggish.

They really sparkled with all their virtuosity playing the "American  kaleidoscope"

by Werner Jarnssen.    


"DeutcheTageszeitung" Nov.11


 "Quartetto di Roma"  made its appearance  in Berlin and  obtained an unusual success. Softness and flexibility overall, perfect homogeinity of the sounds are combined with a refined taste and a firm culture.

Schumann was played with loving tenderness without sentimentalism.


Prof. Dr. Hermann Springer    


 "8 Uhr Abendblatt" Nov.3


The "Quartetto di Roma",  that made its first appearance in Berlin,   is indeed an accurate and refined ensemble of excellent musicians. The warm and impassioned performance of Schumann quartet in la min was very intense.




"Magyar Hirlap"   Nov.5


We have read in the BERLINER TAGEBLATT a very  appreciative critique of the Berlin debut of "Quartetto di Roma"   The success obtained with  their first concert  in Budapest    wholly reconfirms  the Berlin praises. And this  means a lot , if    the city of  Quartets like  WALBAUER, LEHER, ROTH. MELLES  welcomes with unanimous pleasure a new ensemble of Chamber music.  This Quartet distinguishes itself by its marvelous sonorities, by its refined and accurate

teamwork that, on the other hand, lets you appreciate the individual style of each artist. The program was varied and interesting.



 "Pesti Hirlap"  Nov.5


Trust and sympathy  of Budapest   public waiting for  the first concert of "Quartetto di Roma" have been  fully  gratified  by the high artistic level, by the culture and by the superior technical virtuosity of these artists..

As in Schumann Quartet in la minore. as well as in the two modern compositions which have been presented as novelties ( 2nd Quartet by Alessandro Bustini and  "American Kaleidoscope by Werner Jenssen) it is most favorably noted the absolute balance, the plentitude, the coloristic power and the precise sharp rhythm of these four different but perfectly  amalgamated instrumentalists.




 "UJSAG"   Nov.5


Abroad, they say  that Budapest is the city of Quartets for the so many hungarian ensembles in the great music halls of the world. The highest praise for this Italian Quartet of Rome lays on the fact that it has obtained a clamorous success even here,  with us..


Violinist Oscar Zuccarini is a musician with a firm and fine technique, Francesco Montelli is a valuable interpreter of the ensemble, Luigi Silva and Aldo Perini are great value musicians that make their instruments  alive with a warm softness and fullness.  That a quartet plays in unison  like a sole person is the natural way but what is not customary (and it has to be underlined) is the quality of the sounds and the interpretation.


They must be praised also for the interesting program: two novelties and a Schumann Quartet





"Signale" 4 Nov.


 It is an ensemble with an exceptional discipline in a constant balance and amalgamation.  Through the program, well composed with old and new music, it has been possible for us to appreciate the great culture, the nobility and the sonorous power of these very outstanding musicians.


Walter Hirschberg    


 "Rhein Westfalische Zeitung" - Essen -   Nov.1


The "Quartetto di Roma" gave us the opportunity to appreciate for the first time the "American Kaleidoscope"by Werner Janssen.  At the same time we have been able to know and  appreciate an an ensemble that reaches an almost incredible perfection for the beauty of their sound. A  true quartet of exceptional artists.


Dr. Herbert Gerigk    



"Messaggero" - Rome  (Correspondence from Berlin . Nov. 13


The "Quartetto di Roma" could not have wished a better welcome by the critique and the public of Berlin; on the other hand we must add that the latter could have not expected a chamber music ensemble more perfect than this.

In the Bechstein Hall, unusually crowded for a concert presentation, the four roman musicians: Zuccarini, Montelli, Perini, Silva, after the first number  (Slave Quartet b Glazunoff ) have given proof of their value.  An impassioned and resolute study has guided the four musicians, where each one of them could be a solist, to such a degree of perfection that is rarely found in similar musical groups, even the most acclaimed: absolute purity of intonation, soft beauty of the sound, perfect rhythm  and dynamic effects discipline, a very rich palette of coloraturas, identity in superior artistic finalities.

It is difficult,  indeed extremely difficult for a Quartet to cross the line of the aesthetical enjoyment of the connoisseur and debouch into the enthusiasm of the great public.  And yet, Quartetto di Roma achieved it.

These four musicians, so severely disciplined in a way that they place their individual virtuosity at the service  of an aristocratic form of art, have been acclaimed as they were famous tenors.

The Press is  unanimous in praises and  critiques are unusually flowered with  very appreciative adjectives.


E. Senatra